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#WearWhite Muslim Brothers Rise Up Against PinkDot LGBT

AN ISLAMIC religious teacher has launched an online campaign asking Muslims to wear white next Saturday evening to protest against homosexuality and defend traditional family values. Ustaz Noor Deros, 28, is behind the Wear White Facebook page and website and…
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Non-Muslim Support Wear White Movement

    Today when I was out, I approached Muslim strangers and Muslim neighbours asking them if they know about the WEAR WHITE Movement by Muslim community. Surprisingly, they are not aware. So I took some time to talk to…
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‘Homosexuals’ Need To Educate Conservative SG Muslims

This is a response to the recent posting made by Azman Ivan Tan who asserted that homosexuals are “delusional”. Sexual identity and religion are sensitive and contradictory issues in Singapore. Only a few are willing to discuss them open-mindedly. Most…
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