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Myanmar’s 1 Million Rohingya Population Faces ‘Final Stages Of Genocide’

Despite the U.S.-led rolling back of economic sanctions and internationally backed national elections taking place early next month, more than a million people in Burma are facing state-sponsored genocide, according to a new report. The Rohingya Muslim community of the…
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Damanhuri Abas: Military Action In Myanmar Against Rohingya Amounting To Genocide

This is happening in an ASEAN country. Its becoming a genocide. Countries behave only when they are pressured and cannot get away with abusing their own people or others. The International rule of law is selectively used and influenced by…
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Penghapusan Bangsa Rohingya Di Myanmar

Maungdaw 15 Nov. – Operasi penghapusan bangsa etnik Rohingya terus dilancarkan pasukan keselamatan Myanmar apabila jumlah korban ketegangan baharu di negeri Rak­hine dalam keja­dian kelmarin yang masih berte­rusan meningkat kepada lebih 100 orang. Penderitaan dialami penduduk minoriti Islam di Myanmar…
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