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Chee Soon Juan: By All Means, Let’s Continue To Humiliate Our Minority Citizens

THE SAGA OVER the Elected Presidency (EP) has again, thanks to the Prime Minister, dredged up the hideous truth that our political system is indefensibly undergirded by racialist and racist thinking. The official line of the EP rhapsodised about the…
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MUIS Clarifies McDonald’s Statement On Halal-Only Birthday Cakes

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has clarified that it adopts “a flexible approach” for the consumption of outside food in halal-certified restaurants, after McDonald’s Singapore said that only halal cakes are allowed on its premises. In a media…
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ARS is not good for Singaporean Muslims

Three simple reasons: 1. The aim has been all along about control. The need to control the asatizahs or religious teachers in Singapore and regulate their teachings and numbers. especially now when there are more and more “bad” representation of…
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