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Cherian George: Mainstream Media Cannot Be Trusted With Delivering National News

Just wasted an hour of my life watching CNA’s Primetime Asia for news of #HouseOfLee. Not a word. Granted this is an outward-focused programme. Still, they found time for a Singapore-angled segments about a healthcare-related survey and training dogs. The…
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Cherian George: Elected Presidency Missed Opportunity For Multiculturalism, Halimah Yaacob Would’ve Won With No Help

What do you make of the proposed changes to Singapore’s elected presidency? The impression I get is that it has been framed as a debate between the need for minority representation and an open system that would allow Tan Cheng…
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Cherian George Hits Out At NTU President And Claimed Tenure Denied For Political Reasons

Journalism don Cherian George has hit out at recent comments made by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) president Bertil Andersson on Dr George’s departure from the university after being denied tenure. Dr George, now a professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, also…
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