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Walid J. Abdullah: Religious Conservatism Does Not Equate Extremism

Do not conflate religious conservatism with extremism. As is always the case, once a terrorist attack occurs (which again seems to be the exclusive domain of Muslims, as the media has shown from its reluctance to use the word ‘terrorist’…
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Mufti: Teachings That Promote ‘Exclusivity And Isolationism’ A Cause For Worry

Teachings on the Internet that promote “exclusivity and isolationist” inclinations are a “serious cause for worry” because they can go as far as to deny the rights of others to exist, said the Mufti of Singapore, Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram….
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Mohd Khair: Singaporean Muslims Have Contributed To Singapore, Why Are We Still Viewed With Suspicion?

I DISAGREE with this view. Muslims in Singapore have been very active in inter-religious dialogues and other related activities. I must say that at times some quarters of our community even say that we are even “overdoing” those things because…
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