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Another ISA Detention: 24 Year Old AETOS Officer Planned To Undertake Armed Violence In Syria

An auxiliary police officer who was deployed to Woodlands Checkpoint has been detained for planning to travel to Syria to take part in armed violence, while his colleague has been put under a restriction order for supporting him. Muhammad Khairul…
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Netizen: MHA Should Release Female Radical From ISA Detention, Counsel Her

I dont agree with the ARREST….she needed counselling and advise not arrest.. she did not say she wants to bomb singapore… i hope MHA…reconsider her arrest and release her. BY THE WAY..ARW TGE PHOTO BELOW ..HER PHOTO ?   Source:…
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Malaysian Parliament Passes Controversial Prevention Of Terrorism Act (POTA)

The controversial Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) Bill was finally passed after nearly 15 hours of debate with 79 votes for and 60 votes against in the Dewan Rakyat early this morning. The anti-terrorism law faced considerable opposition and criticism…
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