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Singaporean Malay Celebs Rally Around Alias Kadir – Spread The Love, Donate To Abang Alias Kadir

19 april 2017 hari ini Abg Ali As Kadir akan menjalani pembedahan kedua semoga selamat segala urusannnya.. mari kita semua doakan untuk beliau insya’allah.. amin.. yang ingin membantu , sila pm saya..Hamzah Adon terimakaseh semua.. • spread the LOVE..❤️ #welovealiaskadir…
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Beware Of Scam Impersonating Muhammadiyah’s Discontinued Fund-Raising Project

BE AWARE I just received this under my door. The hp no is no longer in service and no one answers the tel line. When I called Muhammadiyah, I was shocked to find out they had already DISCONTINUED  this door…
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Gilbert Goh: Thank You Singaporeans For Contributing To Betterment Of Child Refugees In Lebanon

Had a very interesting time spending half a day interacting with the refugee children at Shatila camp Beirut yesterday. They appear happy and contented when classes resume after a one-week Haji break. The classes are managed by the Palestinian NGO…
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