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Tharman Shanmugaratnam: We Cannot Be Complacent With The Harmonious State Of Affairs

As a young nation, Singapore should avoid the mistake of being complacent when it comes to being a harmonious society, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam at a fellowship gathering by the Inter Religious Organisation (IRO) on Tuesday evening (May…
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Habib Hassan Al-Attas Terima Anugerah Pertubuhan Antara Agama (IRO)

Pertubuhan Antara Agama (IRO) semalam menyanjung jasa Imam Masjid Ba’alwie, Habib Hassan Al-Attas, dalam memperjuangkan keharmonian agama dan kaum di Singapura. Habib Hassan, 64 tahun, diberi Anugerah IRO bagi khidmatnya kepada pertubuhan itu sebagai anggota veterannya. Anugerah itu disampaikan dalam majlis…
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94% Singapore Muslims Are Against Same Sex Relationship

SINGAPORE — Religion is important to their identity, and Muslims and Protestant Christians are the two religious groups that are most affected by and most disapproving when friends or family members of the same faith give up their religious beliefs….
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