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Doubts About Presidential Hopefuls Not Being Malay Enough Are Off Track

Singapore’s Malay community has long held an expansive view of race, a stand that reflects its confidence. The coming presidential election is the first to be reserved for candidates from the Malay community, following changes to the Constitution to ensure…
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How Malays Define Malayness? Well Truth Is Its Very Confusing And Inconsistent

So how does one define who is or isn’t Malay? Having actually researched this for my thesis for the past two years, please let me share with ya’ll SOME of what I’ve learned. How Malays define Malayness has always been…
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Khan Osman Sulaiman: Why Do People Claim Themselves Malay Only When There’s Something To Gain From It?

The Malays take all the negative stereotyping people throw at them. The Indian Muslims, Arabs, Javanese, Boyanese, Ceylonese will quickly distance themselves when asked whether are they Malays. But when there are privileges on hand, everyone wants to be a…
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