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Reviews Of Prata Wala ‘Not Good’; Salted Egg Prata Contains More Potato Than Salted Egg Said One Customer

Prata Wala is a Halal-certified Indian restaurant which provides delicious, value-for-money Indian cuisine in a clean and chic life-style setting. But the reviews of the shop has not been that receptive especially after the opening of their new outlet in…
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Deepavali vs Diwali Debate Explains Singaporean Tamils’ Unhappiness With Foreigner Influx

A Channel NewsAsia’s Deepavali special got my attention today for two reasons. One the news presenter said: “Deepavali also known as Diwali”, and secondly because the presenter also referred to Deepavali as a “Hindu New Year”. (You can view the entire…
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Group Eats Packed Pork Dish Using Utensils From Halal Chicken Rice Stall, Calls Man Racist For Informing Manager

Bros can you share this. You see for yourself the ignorance. This is at Cantine Jurong Point a halal food court. This people were so disrespectful they brought pork and eat there using the halal fork & spoon They only…
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