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Singapore Voted Against UN’s Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity (SOGI) Mandate Safeguard

Eight Latin American Countries (LAC 8) countered an African Group’s hostile resolution on the United Nations Human Rights Council Annual Report (specifically targeted at the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Independent (SOGI) Expert Mandate) and submitted an amendment in supporting and preserving…
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Cape Town’s Gay Mosque Provides Rare Haven

CAPE TOWN — Friday prayers at the People’s Mosque in Cape Town looks like any other around the Islamic world, except in this South African city the imam is openly gay and the teaching promotes homosexual rights. It is a…
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Pink Dot Disappointed By New Ruling, Google Pledges Continued Support

In light of new rules that could curb foreign funding and involvement in events held at the Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park, organisers of Pink Dot said they hope more Singaporeans and local companies will step forward to support…
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