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Commentary: Tharman’s Six Principles Of Political Communication That’s So Sigh Pie

Off the top of my head, Tharman’s six principles of political communication: 1. Timing: Wait till the worst of the storm of public dissatisfaction blows over. Don’t go into the thick of it. Wait for heads to cool. 2. Deflate…
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Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu To Become First Israeli Prime Minister To Visit Singapore

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu looks set to become the first sitting Israeli Prime Minister to visit Singapore. According to a Jerusalem Post report, the 67-year-old announced he would make the trip at a cabinet meeting on Sunday (30 October). It would…
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What A Minister’s Reluctance To Be PM Says About Race In Singapore

The move on Wednesday by Singapore’s popular deputy premier to emphatically quash suggestions he wants to take over from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong exposes the conservative ethnic consensus in the country’s leadership, despite a public clamour for greater political…
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