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Presidential Candidates Must Have Clear Conscience Declaring Themselves “Malay” When Even Other “Half-Malays” Are Not Considered As One

Assalaamu’alaikom, semua. Actually, I have a real-life personal story to tell. My younger sister is married to a Singaporean Arab (not the rich one, mind you). His son, that is my nephew, was accepted into NTU about 10 years ago….
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BEWARE: No Halal Cert Chicken Rice Stall Paste Quranic Verses On Wall to Deceive Muslim Customers

JANGAN TERPEDAYA!! Oleh kakak jurujual yg bertudung (pekerja lain semuanya bukan Muslim) dan “sticker” ayat2 Al Qur’an di dinding gerai. Tidak ada Sijil Halal di gerai ini yg terletak di lantai 4, Pusat Belanja Lot 1, Chua Chu Kang, Singapura….
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