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Tindak Balas Kepada ‘Better Beer Festival’: Dari Perspektif Agama Di Malaysia

[RESPON KEPADA ‘BETTER BEER FESTIVAL’: Dari Perspektif Agama Di Malaysia] Sebelum ini kami sudah mengulas mengenai isu arak di dalam pandangan agama-agama dunia, dan kami berpandangan mengikut konteks Malaysia isu arak tidak relevan jika ia diurus di dalam skop kebebasan…
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The Ironies Surrounding Singapore’s 2017 Presidential Election

To ensure fair play, they changed the rules unfairly. To ensure meritocracy, they allowed affirmative action. To ensure multiracialism, they stopped other races from running. To ensure independence from the PAP, they picked one from the PAP. To ensure experience…
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Do Indians Regard Newly Elected President As A Traitor For Disowning Her Indian Race?

Some people still don’t get it as to why Singapore’s 2017 Presidential Election is a discrimination to the Malay community. Some questioned where got anymore pure breed Malays in Singapore? Actually, to measure how Malay you are, it is tightly…
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