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Riverbank @ Fernvale Resident In ‘Living Nightmare’ After Ceiling ‘Rains’ Rocks And Debris

Stomp contributor Justin is disappointed that barely one month after moving into his brand new apartment at Riverbank @ Fernvale, things are already falling apart. Justin and his family moved into their new home at the condominium in July but…
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Ex-Husband Never Pay Maintenance, Jobless Single Mother Faces Daunting Prospect Of Losing House

A single mum with two grown-up children – one in university and the other in polytechnic wrote in to us about the compulsory acquisition of her 3-room flat by HDB. She owes HDB about $33,000 in mortgage rent or about…
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Jufrie Mahmood: Millionaire PAP Ministers Have Lost Touch, Don’t Understand Anxieties Of Common Singaporeans

Minister Lawrence Wong and his cabinet colleagues don’t live in 99-year lease HDB flats. With their millions, chances are, they would be living in landed free-hold properties in choice areas. Their properties are for keeps which they can pass on…
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