Ex-Husband Never Pay Maintenance, Jobless Single Mother Faces Daunting Prospect Of Losing House

A single mum with two grown-up children – one in university and the other in polytechnic wrote in to us about the compulsory acquisition of her 3-room flat by HDB.

She owes HDB about $33,000 in mortgage rent or about 3 years equivalent. Each month her rent is $600.

Her ex-husband also did not fulfill his maintenance obligation and has since declared himself bankrupt.

The single mum used to earn $3600 working in a 4-star hotel in her hay days but her last drawn pay has dwindled to below $2000 creating all kinds of livelihood problem.

She is currently jobless for the past few months and was dismissed from her job due to depression over the matter.

Single mum seems to be in the public picture of late as they struggle to take care of their kids and try to make ends met.

Its a tough preposition for them if the ex-spouse fails to play their part by delaying the maintenance payment or worse declare themselves bankrupt to get a downward variation.

We only pray that once the house is acquired by HDB they could get a cheaper rental unit from HDB and not owe HDB any more back debts which will only deepen their family crisis.

My heart goes out to the two growing-up children who are still studying in tertiary institutions. It will be a very stressful period for them too…


Source: Gilbert Goh

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