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New Zealand Defends UN Resolution Critical Of Israeli Settlements

WELLINGTON (AFP) – New Zealand said on Saturday (Dec 24) the United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements should have come as no surprise to the Jewish State, after Israel retaliated by recalling its ambassador to Wellington. New Zealand…
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Singapore Can Re-enter Federation of Malaysia to Dilute Malay Race

KUALA LUMPUR: Bumiputera must unite under Umno to stem the rise of opposition party DAP, an Utusan Malaysia columnist wrote today, warning that Singapore could still possibly re-enter the Federation of Malaysia to dilute the community’s majority among the races. Cautioning…
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Malaysian Commando Intrusion Into Singapore Missile Complex?

THE STALLED WATER TALKS BETWEEN Malaysia and Singapore can now restart only with a meeting of the two Prime Ministers. The two negotiating teams cannot overcome the impasse, for one does not understand the other and the other only too…
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