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Three Charged In Court For Cheating Insurance Companies

Three men were charged in court yesterday with insurance fraud, after they allegedly used false accident statements to trick two insurance companies into paying for vehicle damages. Abdul Aziz Kassim, 44, Rosli Ahmed, 51, and Mahmud Hammed, 53, have been…
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Beware: Renovation Company Cheats Customers

REMINDER to all my FB frens…this couple still at large of cheating home owners who wants to renovate their home. Spread this to ur love one. More n more people are being cheated week after week. Act fast! Latest update…
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Nine Men charged over insurance scam using Rentokil van

Nine men were charged with cheating yesterday over an alleged staged road accident, which saw them claim more than $83,000 in insurance. The group is said to have conspired to fraudulently tell insurers that a Rentokil van had been involved…
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