Beware: Man Lies About Having Fishing Boat, Cheats Customers


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Beware of this guy!! He claims to have boat for fishing trip. He will usually say place to meet up is at punggol marina or raffles marina. He will ask for the deposit n more deposits. Ok this is his trick, 

1. Booking fee of boat to be paid (1st deposit) upon ur confirmation fishing trip date wit him.
2. He will ask for More deposits.
3. Upon reaching ur day to go boat fishing with him, he will gives lot of reason eg: boat breakdown (my case) , trip cancel (1 of his victim case who i managed to contact)

As my case, already paid him full amount 2days before the trip.1day before, he said his boat breakdown n give me another boatman number at changi he said he will pay for the replacement trip but NO!! HE DID NOT!! I cant leave the uncle after a long hot day with us, so i paid the uncle in full.

He said he will refund me back by the night itself, but trf me partial amount. for the remaining amount i need to chase him to pay back my balance. He keeps saying another 2hr he trf, another 30min, wait for his refund from his boat owner n lots n lots of reason. Its been around 10days n he is full of reasons.

He oso block my fb,i got to see his fb from my other account.N the best part is i get to know tat the partial amount he trf me was from a person tat booked him for another trip. I get to know his tactic is like ‘dig 1 hole to close up the other hole’. Get a new victim to pay for his previous victim. He can tell me tat hes waiting for ppl to transfer him and he gave my acc num to the next victim. I get to know tat some ppl already ‘kena’ by him.

Pls pass around, i already make a police enquiry n decided to proceed the case..

** tis may not be a scam as he was not MIA. But its still cheating for me**

PLS PASS AROUND.. Tis is his photo for u guys to recognise him


Authored by Sg Interesting

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