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Daniel Goh: Syonan Gallery Controversy A Good Exercise In Appreciating History

Excellent resolution to the controversy. Both the inappropriate “Syonan” and the pretentious “Gallery” dropped. I think we would have been poorer without this controversy, so all’s well that ends well. I am reminded of what Shanice Lishan Foh said in…
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WP: Paralympians Should Receive Same Prize Awards As Able-Bodied Counterparts

The Workers’ Party would like to congratulate our paralympians Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh for clinching Singapore’s first gold medal and a bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic Games. Ms. Yip broke her own world record by more than…
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Leon Perera: WP Working Within Flawed System To Bring About Democratic Progress

Just finished the debate in Parliament on filling the vacated NCMP seat. Most of the People’s Action Party members of the House were present for this particular debate. Over the past few days, when the House debated national issues and…
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