Daniel Goh: Syonan Gallery Controversy A Good Exercise In Appreciating History

Excellent resolution to the controversy. Both the inappropriate “Syonan” and the pretentious “Gallery” dropped. I think we would have been poorer without this controversy, so all’s well that ends well. I am reminded of what Shanice Lishan Foh said in the comments of my previous post on the misnaming, “hey this make us all think about our history”. I can’t agree more.

Shanice Lishan Foh: Finally more people are looking at the Old Ford factory! How many years have gone by and we have forgotten about this place ?

Tell your kids :
We were name Syonan-to during the Japanese occupation because the Japanese name us like trophies… those 3 years 8 months were painful….

The British surrendered to Japanese forces on 15th February 1942 at the Old Ford factory…..we were helpless…

Are we going to let someone name us differently again ? NO !!
We will defend our country and homes ourselves !
Majulah Singapore !

*it is thought-provoking…
I read many comments… I was at 1st thinking why such an insensitive name ? Someone is going to be hurt real bad…
and then someone said about the crooked letter ” O ” in the syonan signage , hey this make us all think about our history….


Source: Daniel Goh 吴佩松

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