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Failed Policies of UMNO Are to Blame For Certain Lazy Malays

IT is wrong to single out one type of people as lazy and it does nothing to improve the situation, says Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) chief executive officer Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah. He was commenting on a speech by former Prime…
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Singapore Can Re-enter Federation of Malaysia to Dilute Malay Race

KUALA LUMPUR: Bumiputera must unite under Umno to stem the rise of opposition party DAP, an Utusan Malaysia columnist wrote today, warning that Singapore could still possibly re-enter the Federation of Malaysia to dilute the community’s majority among the races. Cautioning…
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Pemimpin DAP Karpal Singh Meninggal Dunia

KAMPAR (PERAK): Anggota Parlimen (AP) Bukit Gelugor dan pemimpin pembangkang veteren DAP, Karpal Singh, meninggal dunia selepas terlibat dalam satu kemalangan trafik dekat Gua Tempurung, awal pagi tadi, Khamis. Encik Karpal, seorang peguam, dan pembantunya, C Michael, meninggal dunia di…
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