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Presidential Hopeful Second Chance CEO Gives Second Chance To Employees, Many Still Unhappy

Second Chance CEO Mr Salleh Marican has announced his intention to contest the upcoming Presidential Elections. While he does not qualify going by strictly by the criteria set, Mr Salleh Marican believes he has the necessary EQ and good judgment…
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Singapore Malayus, You All Looking For President Or A Budayawan? Melayu Kecam Hingga Tak Beri 2nd Chance Ke?

Y’all looking for a President or a Budayawan? You all talk cock why Malay cannot be this why Malay cannot be that then when got Malay representation you all damn kaninabuay. His company is worth over $200 million. Kau duit…
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Mohamed Salleh Marican – An Inspiration To Investors And Entrepreneurs

Truly an inspiration to investors and entrepreneurs alike, Mr Mohamed Salleh Marican (or Mohamed Salleh S/o Kadir Mohideen Saibu Maricar as he is registered at the SGX) is the very embodiment of the epigram, “try and try until you succeed”….
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