Presidential Hopeful Second Chance CEO Gives Second Chance To Employees, Many Still Unhappy

Second Chance CEO Mr Salleh Marican has announced his intention to contest the upcoming Presidential Elections. While he does not qualify going by strictly by the criteria set, Mr Salleh Marican believes he has the necessary EQ and good judgment to become a President.

It was also said that Mr Salleh Marican involves himself in philanthropic activities in his role as Treasurer on the Board of Temasek Cares, a foundation established by GIC Temasek Holdings. It appears that is philanthropic spirit extended to his employees.

According to a former employee, Mr Salleh Marican does not report theft cases by his employees to the police. Instead, those caught were made to sign confessions but were allowed to continue to work on the condition that their bonuses were withheld by the company as a form of security. This was the company policy after a few theft cases were found.

masa tu ada a few theft cases dekat 2nd chance. so employees ni were made to sign confession letter so tak report to police. En. Salleh kasi diorang kerja, tapi lepas tu En. Salleh withhold bonus $2000 semua staff so siape-siape yang kene caught curi, kene potong dari $2000 tu

Despite this, not all is rosy. Similar to many businesses, there are bound to be disgruntled employees. According to the former employee, there was a time a few years ago when MOM had to step in to investigate the company for not paying the employees’ CPF.

Lagipun dulu En. Salleh tak bayar CPF kiteorang, sampai jadi kes MOM. MOM turun check.

The employee was of the opinion that Mr Salleh Marican also did not care enough about the welfare of his employees and hence, cannot be trusted with the welfare of Singaporeans, if he becomes President. They had to work long hours during the Ramadan period but are only given 1 day off a week. Although they are unhappy, many had no choice but to stay on working because they are lowly-educated.bMany feel indebted to him for giving them a job in the first place. The

Aku rasa En. Salleh ni tak suitable jadi calon Presiden sebab staff welfare dekat company dia pun teruk. Time bulan puasa, kerja kat situ rabak, work long hours, and then ada 1 hari off je. Semua orang tak happy, but we have no choice, sebab kita low-education. Ramai kita terhutang budi to him for giving us jobs. Tapi kan, kalau En. Salleh tak boleh handle staff dia well, macam mana nak jadi Presiden and handle welfare Singaporeans?

Mr Salleh Marican gives his employees second chances but there are many who are disgruntled. Will you give him this one chance at the Presidency?

Source: Nur Ima commenting on A Call to Lead


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