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Syed Danial: Challenge The Pink Dot Ideology, Engage In Civil Way And Help Those Struggling With Same-Sex Attraction

Dear friends (and various assortment of ‘spies’ from the other side), We should offer thanks to God Almighty for all the Favours and Mercies He has bestowed upon us. Although we are pleased with PM Lee’s remarks, we should not…
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Conservative Singapore Not Ready For Same-Sex Marriage

The Republic is not ready for same-sex marriage as the society is still “basically a conservative one”, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said. While he noted the developments in developed countries, he pointed out the “considerable resistance” from these places…
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Ismail Kassim: A Malay Triology – Part II – Why Can’t Malays Take Islam In Their Stride?

To be a respected race, the Malays have to return to their roots. You don’t need to change your clothes or your culinary tastes but only change your minds. Discard the feudal thinking. Be modern, rational – not western, not…
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