Syed Danial: Challenge The Pink Dot Ideology, Engage In Civil Way And Help Those Struggling With Same-Sex Attraction

Dear friends (and various assortment of ‘spies’ from the other side),

We should offer thanks to God Almighty for all the Favours and Mercies He has bestowed upon us.

Although we are pleased with PM Lee’s remarks, we should not pat ourselves on the back. His statement is actually doubled-edged. And it is instructive of govt thinking on the matter. The operative phrase here is that SG is ‘still a conservative society’. And his remarks that it’s ‘changing’ offers sobering reminder not to rest on our laurels.

I think right now it’s important to act strategically. Our opponents are adept at media manipulation. The biggest mistake we can do right now is to appear too aggressive. They would play the victims card. We should therefore continue our activism in a civil way. Even polite. And we challenge the ideology. Not individual persons. We extend a helping hand of mercy to those struggling with same sex attraction.

There’s talk of wanting to ‘gatecrash’ Pinkdot to distribute pamphlets or carry placards etc.

My view is that would be a mistake. It would just make them look like victims.

Methinks we continue to engage in a civil way both online and off.

And let’s not rest on our laurels. We should do as much as poss to ensure that society does not change. And remain conservative.

We do what we can. God will do what we cannot.

Have a wonderful day in the Remembrance of God.


Syed Danial

Source: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore

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