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Damanhuri Abas: PAP Must Call For GRC By-Election If Halmah Yacob Runs For President, SDP Ready To Compete

If Mdm Halimah runs for the Malay President, SDP will be ready to give the people of Marsiling and Yew Tee another chance to consider us to be in Parliament to voice the people’s concern now having seen the outcome…
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The Hypocrisy Of Racism And Multiracialism In Singapore

*when an old man hurls racist insults at a Malay lady* ‘Oh, this is a one-off incident. This should be condemned, but it is not reflective of our society at all.’ *when madrasah kids are labeled extremists* ‘Oh, that is…
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Myanmar detains cops over Rohingya abuse video

YANGON • Myanmar’s government yesterday said it has detained several police officers over a video apparently showing Rohingya civilians being beaten, a rare admission that the authorities may have carried out abuses against the Muslim minority. Tens of thousands of…
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