The Hypocrisy Of Racism And Multiracialism In Singapore

*when an old man hurls racist insults at a Malay lady*

‘Oh, this is a one-off incident. This should be condemned, but it is not reflective of our society at all.’

*when madrasah kids are labeled extremists*

‘Oh, that is just one sick dude’s comments. Ignore him.’

*when building a fence is suggested to cordon off foreign workers*

‘You must understand the context of the post. She is not racist; in fact, she gets along with the foreign workers in her ward very well!’

*when an influential person remarks that Malays and Indians cannot speak English well*

‘His comments were taken out of context. Let us not be so quick to judge others.’

*when racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic comments are made (on Facebook) on the comments sections of ST articles*

‘Those are just keyboard warriors. Who hide behind anonymity. Most Singaporeans are not like that.’


*when there is one incident of Malays at a wedding standing up for a Chinese funeral procession that was passing by*

‘This is what makes Singapore, Singapore. *tears a bit* I love this country. Multiracialism, at its best. Majulah Singapura!’


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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