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Galaxy Trio and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Are Scams

If you see fraud, and you do not call fraud, you are a fraud. Recently I have noticed a large number of ‘get-rich-quick’ (GRQ) schemes that seem to target the Malay community such as Galaxy Trio. Galaxy Trio claims that (directly…
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MUIS Advisory on Multi-Level Marketing

Background Muis is currently monitoring the emerging concerns on commercial transactions in the form of multi-level marketing (hereupon MLM), specifically within the Singapore context. We have also received questions on the Islamic position on such transactions. Islamic Position on Multi-level…
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Melayu Singapura Senang Terpedaya Dengan Skim Cepat Kaya ‘Galaxy Trio’

Laporan media Berita Harian, Sabtu 15 Feb 2014, menonjolkan ciri-ciri Skim GALAXY TRIO yang mirip dengan ciri-ciri skim piramid. Salah satu ciri Galaxy Trio yang menonjol adalah ianya tidak memerlukan anggotanya untuk menjual barang. Galaxy Trio tidak mempunyai sebarang produk…
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