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BEWARE: Someone Told My Family I Was Kidnapped, Asked For Money

  People please share this. This is quoted from a friend. This is serious! “I received a call from someone claiming that he was from my mobile Service provider and he asked me to shutdown my phone for 2 hours…
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Confession: Truth About Galaxy Trio Scam

  At first when Rilek1Corner published articles on a MLM/Pyramid/Ponzi/GRQ company, I was furious becos I had just joined in and it would affect my prospecting. True as it is, the prospects started canceling meetings and there were even people…
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Beware: Ultrasonic Get-Rich-Quick Scheme? Another Galaxy Trio Scam in the Making

      Like many other concerned public who have written about Galaxy Trio and Ultrasonic on the Internet, I was threatened, my family was harassed, and we were thrown with numerous insults when discussing about the legitimacy of their money…
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