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SDP: Support For Unemployed – PAP Follows SDP’s Lead, Again

The latest scheme adopted by the NTUC to provide professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) who are retrenched with financial assistance is a modified version of the SDP’s proposal launched 2010. The PAP’s idea, called Returner Work Trial, will assist employers to offer…
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How Have Ong Ye Kung And Ng Chee Meng Showed Themselves Worthy Of Promotion To Full Ministers?

Two new ministers, Ong Ye Kung and Ng Chee Meng ascended to heaven, pardon me, appointed ministers 1 year after they were elected MPs. What have they proven in that 1 year – nothing except the usual political obfuscation and…
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Pork Products Placed In Halal Section Of NTUC Hougang Heartland Mall – Supermarkets Must Educate Public!

  I really hope that some form of educational posters are made to inform people to ” DO NOT PLACE UNWANTED PORK ITEMS INTO HALAL SECTION”.   The section just after the orange divider on the left is the NON-HALAL…
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