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Damanhuri Abas: What To Tell My Children About Meritocracy, Racism Realities, Democracy, Malay Community And Singapore’s Future

Since some remind us to accept and look at the wisdom of the whole episode of a race based Presidential non-election, let me share what I heard, saw, reflected, learned and gathered to tell my children. 1. Meritocracy – It…
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Introducing The PAP’s New Singlish Dictionary: Something Every Singaporeans Must Know

In the name of PAP redefined words for self-serving political expediency, the following definitions, meanings and logics apply:- – Meritocracy is not the best man for the job but means selective choice based on political affinity. – Multi-racialism means 70%…
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Execution of Muhammad Ridzuan Shows There’s No Justice And Equality

Where is JUSTICE!!!!???? U people tell me…….how to trust the law..?????!!!!!!! “We the citizens of SINGAPORE..Pledge ourselve as One united peple… Rgardless of Race..Language or Religions..to built a Democratic Society….BASE ON JUSTICE N EQUALITY???? BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” All BULLSHIT!!!!!!…
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