Introducing The PAP’s New Singlish Dictionary: Something Every Singaporeans Must Know

In the name of PAP redefined words for self-serving political expediency, the following definitions, meanings and logics apply:-

– Meritocracy is not the best man for the job but means selective choice based on political affinity.

– Multi-racialism means 70% of population must always be Chinese. If not enough Chinese due to low birth rate just top up with any Chinese. Failure of which, racial problem arises because minority if increases in number will create racial tension. No evidence given just accept PAP’s logic.

– GRC needed to guarantee minority representation because majority Chinese still racist therefore minority will never win one to one elections, as HDB racial quota policy ensures no constituency with majority, minority group is possible. Nevermind that JBJ and other minorities historically (latest being Muralli) did and can win single seats. Those are strange unexplained anomalies that are better for people to forget.

– Malay can fail security clearance in Mindef while the new citizen Tiong can pass security. The new guy automatically more loyal and trustworthy than the indigenous Malay chap, even though originating from communist country. Again just trust PAP’s insights and wisdom.

– No Halal kitchen in Navy ship equals no Malay is fine. Just tolerate and accept as nothing racist about it. Multi-million dollar paid PAP minister said so.

– President must share because quietly some Malays desire it, PM cannot share as Chinese not ready for it and even if Malay want, can just ignore it.

– And now, Black can be White, square is circle, Indian is Malay. To be decided by PAP appointed committee.

– Country’s pledge good to say but not priority to live by, as will undermine all of the above.

– PAP logic dictates that after 52 years of independence, people don’t wise up overtime but instead somehow become more racist naturally.

Welcome to PAP’s New Singlish dictionary.

Only that we, the people will pay the price by having our intellect dumbed down and our full political freedom denied in the name of their democracy (read as democrazy).


Source: Damanhuri Bin Abas

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