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Congratulations To Graduands Of The Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade, Including These Two Malay Cadets

The Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade at Pasir Laba Camp marked the completion of the 22-week Specialist Cadet Course, where the graduands trained under rigorous and realistic conditions to develop leadership and combat skills, and deepen their understanding of the other…
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Republic Of Singapore Navy Career Fair Presentation Purposely Clashed With Muslim Friday Prayer Timing?

What types of insulting move the Singapore Navy does to Discriminate Singapore Muslims? One Example below, out of 7 days in a week Singapore Navy chooses to do Recruiting on Friday and specifically during Friday prayer!, which is why True…
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MINDEF: Allegations Of Discriminatory Behaviour Are Taken Seriously, Investigations Ongoing

It has come to our attention that there are social media posts spreading allegations of discriminatory practices in the SAF. MINDEF/SAF takes such allegations seriously as it impacts public trust and undermines the strong public support for National Service (NS)…
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