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Singapore Filmmakers Need To Be More Progressive On Their Interpretations Of Race

To Singaporeans complaining about whitewashing & cultural appropriation in Hollywood: PLEASE LAH. The same thing’s been happening in our own little film industry, and no-one seems to have spoken up about it. CASE ONE: Jack Neo’s “Ah Boyz to Men”:…
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Stamford Raffles And John Crawfurd Believed That Malays Were Inferior To The British

For the Malays who love their colonialists.. What did Raffles and John Crawfurd (the Second Resident of Singapura) think of the Malays? Raffles: “He held that Malays were a rude, uncivilised and degraded race, much in decline from a high…
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Sangeetha Thanapal: City Harvest Church Incident Shows Double Standards In Which Islam And Christianity Are Held Accuntable

What’s interesting to me in all this City Harvest stuff, is that no one is talking about this as a peril of Christianity. No one is using this as an example of how there’s something wrong with Christianity and Christians…
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