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Damanhuri Abas: High Time Government Treats Madrasahs More Fairly

Four of my five children are in Madrasah. They spanned 3 out of the 6 remaining full-time Madrasah still providing valuable service to the Muslim community. The Madrasah is a vital educational institution serving both iconic and strategic value to…
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Man Calls Incense Burning Terrorism, Calls MHA To Ban This Radical Religion

One of our ASS readers Aida shared a disturbing Facebook post by a man named Raden Tri Riffaee calling for the authorities to ban the radical “incense burning” religion as it was considered terrorism to humans, nature and animals. In addition,…
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Lee Hsien Loong: Racial Harmony Here An Unusual And Unnatural State Of Affairs, Need To Be Worked On Continuously

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singaporeans of all races and religions are able to live peacefully side by side despite the fact that the country’s racial and religious harmony is an “unusual and unnatural state of affairs”. Mr Lee…
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