Man Calls Incense Burning Terrorism, Calls MHA To Ban This Radical Religion

One of our ASS readers Aida shared a disturbing Facebook post by a man named Raden Tri Riffaee calling for the authorities to ban the radical “incense burning” religion as it was considered terrorism to humans, nature and animals.

In addition, the man suggested that HDB should change their housing policy and give Malays priority for the higher HDB floors and let the “paper burning ethnic(ity)” stay at level 2 or ground floor.

The man is understandably upset at the inconvenience caused during religious festivals where members of the taoist or buddhist community burn incense offerings to their Gods or ancestors.

What do you think about the way this resident voiced his unhappiness? Isn’t this the reality of living in a multi-racial multi-religious country like Singapore?


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