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PERGAS Official Statement on #WearWhite Campaign

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FMSA Official Statement on #WearWhite Campaign

FMSA official position on #wearwhite online campaign. We also seek readers to refer to statements by MUIS, Pergas and other MalayMuslim Organisations (MMOs) to have a better understanding on the matter we are addressing here.— with Damanhuri Abas and Hairudin Hamid. READ RELATED ARTICLES ON…
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Pastor Lawrence Khong Supports Muslim #WearWhite Movement

I’m so happy that Singapore’s Muslim community is making a vocal and visual stand for morality and Family. I fully support the ‘wear white’ campaign. FCBC, together with the LoveSingapore network of churches, will follow suit on the weekend of 28…
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#WearWhite Muslim Brothers Rise Up Against PinkDot LGBT

AN ISLAMIC religious teacher has launched an online campaign asking Muslims to wear white next Saturday evening to protest against homosexuality and defend traditional family values. Ustaz Noor Deros, 28, is behind the Wear White Facebook page and website and…
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Defending #WearWhite movement against so-called liberal “Muslims”

  Salaam R1C, I wrote this to defend the #wearwhite movement from the so-called “Muslims” who are attacking it. Please emphasize on the fact that those who promote LGBT can be charged under the law (Administration of Muslim Law Act…
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