Defending #WearWhite movement against so-called liberal “Muslims”



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I wrote this to defend the #wearwhite movement from the so-called “Muslims” who are attacking it. Please emphasize on the fact that those who promote LGBT can be charged under the law (Administration of Muslim Law Act Section 139) for promoting false doctrine!

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Muslims in Singapore are making history because they are unite together to #wearwhite to fight against the LGBT agenda, especially as they lack respect for Islam by holding Pink Dot on the first night of our holy month of Ramadan. Since they are holding Pink Dot on the first Ramadan night where devouts Muslims are doing their terawih prayers, it is a provocation by the LGBTs that shows their disdain and disrespect for Islam. It is clear that #wearwhite is not a political campaign, but the result of Muslim resentment and anger at the provocative and disrespectful tactics by the LGBTs to threaten the sanctity of the natural family and trample on Islamic teachings.

Ustaz Noor Deros, one of our most important traditional learned Al-Azhari local scholar, explains very clearly that “In living our lives according to Allah’s commands and guidance, we reconnect with our family and community. Let the coming of Ramadan remind us of the importance of the family.Let it remind us to return to the natural state of life. Let it remind us to Return to fitrah.

There are groups that are trying to destroy the sanctity of the family. The natural state of human relationships is now under sustained attack by lgbt activists. For the lgbt movement, the natural family is no longer sacred.To underline their disdain for Islam and the family, lgbt activists are organising an event on the very evening of 1st Ramadan. They expect this event to be the biggest ever in their history.”

Our Ustaz has been working tirelessly to ensure that the Muslim community as well as all other Singaporeans are protected from the LGBT activists who are trying to trample on the sanctity of the family.

Alfian Sa'at

Alfian Sa’at

But there are so-called “Muslims” like Alfian Sa’at who are attacking the #wearwhite movement. (See this post by him, for example, where he falsely accuses #wearwhite of being incendiary: People like him have so little Islamic knowledge but they try to spread confusion and discord to disunite among the Malay-Muslim community. His actions are a betrayal of Malay and Muslim values, which he should uphold as a Malay-Muslim.

These militant LGBT activists must know that #wearwhite is a strong movement that enjoys the support of the entire Malay-Muslim community. Important organisations like PERGAS, FMSA and Muhammadiyah have condemned the LGBTs and their Pink Dot activities. There is strong support for the #wearwhite movement.

The supporters of the anal-sex-lovers should be charged for spreading False Doctrine under the Administration of Muslim Law Act. Section 139 of AMLA states that “Whoever shall teach or publicly expound any doctrine or perform any ceremony or act relating to the Muslim religion in any manner contrary to the Muslim law shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.”

lgbt cross dresser gay ladyboy
Those people encouraging Muslims to attack the #wearwhite movement and to support Pink Dot are clearly teaching a false doctrine that is contrary to Muslim law. They should thus be punished with the maximum fine of $2000 and a prison term of 12 months to send a clear message to fellow Muslims that they must respect Islam and not attack our pro-natural family message.

Good upright Muslims must take heed and join the #wearwhite movement, as it is sunnah to wear white as well. Our ustaz and his friends have done so much good work to start this #wearwhite campaign and Muslims all over Singapore should follow his moral guidance. If they refuse, the stubborn “Muslims” should be warned that they can be charged under the law for spreading false doctrine of Islam.

Authored by Hazrul Hamzah

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