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Osman Sulaiman: Dilemma Of A Malay Voter On Reserved Presidential Election

Dilemma of a Malay voter this coming reserved Presidential Election (PE) What participation means for the Malay voters. 1. Reserving the PE only for Malay candidates is against the grain of meritocracy. The central tenets that our country is built…
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Singaporean Malays Should Endorse Dr Tan Cheng Bock As Malay So He Can Contest EP

Halimah Yacob is considered a Malay by the Malay community. Therefore, we should not fetter about trying to say Halimah Yacob is or is not Malay. Instead, start by going to your local Malay community, neighbours, void decks, and convince…
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Halimah Yacob’s Candidacy Will Raise Questions About Her Independence & “Malayness”

The Speaker of Parliament, Halimah Yacob, should not run for the elected presidency, even if she is by law qualified. There are several reasons why Mdm Halimah’s candidacy would not be in the best interests of Singapore. But before we…
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