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Employers Encourages Their Muslim Domestic Helper To Fast, Even Though They Themselves Are Chinese-Buddhists

For 17 years, she spent Hari Raya celebrations in Singapore, far from her beloved family in her village in Indonesia. While at times she cries, Ms Sriwahyuni has never lamented having to make ends meet in the region. Spending Ramadan alone…
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Hope For Racial Harmony In Singapore – Non-Muslim Youths Insists On Letting Muslims Break Fast First At Sheik Haikel’s Fat Papas

The future of Singapore is all good… these group of youngsters were really really niceee. They came at the hour of break fast and said “please let the Muslims break their fast first, we will wait for the next round.”…
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HalalHub Consultants: A Reminder For Halal F&B Establishments To Excuse Staff To Break Their Fast

Dear Halal Certificate Holders Based on astronomical calculations, Muslims in Singapore will be celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan from Saturday, 27 May 2017 to Saturday, 24 June 2017. Muslims observe the obligatory fasting from dawn till dusk (abt 5.30am…
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