HalalHub Consultants: A Reminder For Halal F&B Establishments To Excuse Staff To Break Their Fast

Dear Halal Certificate Holders

Based on astronomical calculations, Muslims in Singapore will be celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan from Saturday, 27 May 2017 to Saturday, 24 June 2017.

Muslims observe the obligatory fasting from dawn till dusk (abt 5.30am to 7.10pm) for the whole complete month of this Blessed month.

During breaking of fast, apart from enjoying the Halal food which you serve, your Muslim customers also need to perform their Maghrib (evening) prayers.

Some Halal Certificate Holders provide prayer areas for their Muslim customers to perform their evening prayers, so that they are able to dine-in during the breaking of fast, with comfort and transquility, together with the whole family.

Even your Muslim staff, need to break his/her fast. If it is indeed very busy, do excuse your Muslim staff so that he/she is able to take a sip of drink or some dates as a form of “official breaking of fast”. Its ok for him/her to enjoy her dinner slightly later during busy situations.

HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd hope that this Ramadan is indeed a blessed month for all Halal Certificate Holders, it’s customers and the whole of Halal industry.

We wish everyone.. Ramadhan Kareem..

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