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New Mom Returned From Maternity Leave Only To Be Forced To Resign, MOM Powerless

Dear Gilbert, I have just return from my maternity leave and was told by my boss that I will be handling more decision making work. I enquired about my appraisal report and bonus and she mentioned that it was submitted….
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Indonesian Maid Abused My Grandma, Stole Her Money, Then Ran Away To Malaysia

<Credits: Areefaz> On Monday 2nd of January 2017 around 7.30am, my grandmom was pushed and beaten by her helper who have worked with her since July last year. Not only that, the helper twisted n broke my grandmom’s right ankle…
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Technicians, Engineers, Among Hard-To-Fill Job Positions

More employers are having problems filling job vacancies, a worldwide survey has found, reflecting the mismatch in jobs and skills that government leaders recently highlighted while addressing the rising number of layoffs. The Talent Shortage Survey, released on Tuesday (Oct…
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