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AMLA: New Rules To Be Implemented For Muslim Couples On Marriage And Divorce

Muslim couples who are minors will have to attend a compulsory marriage preparation programme, while couples seeking a divorce also have to attend a marriage counselling programme, as part of a string of changes to the Administration of Muslim Law…
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Race Matters When It Comes To Marriage And Other Personal Issues

Singaporeans still prefer someone of the same race when it comes to things like marriages in the family, helping them run their businesses or to share personal problems with, a survey on race relations in Singapore showed. In general, the…
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Yaacob Ibrahim: Muslim Marriages Becoming More Resilient

Muslim marriages in Singapore are becoming more resilient, said Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim on Monday (Oct 5) at a seminar aimed at better understanding marriage trends and challenges among Malay-Muslim couples. However, Dr Yaacob warned that marriages between…
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