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Israel PM Describes ‘Battle For Future Of Humanity’ During Singapore Visit

In the first visit to Singapore by an Israeli head of state in 30 years, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday issued a call for greater diversity and tolerance. Netanyahu gave a roughly 10-minute speech to Jewish community members…
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Muslims Must Capitalise On Economic Leverage To Condemn Israeli Oppression Against Palestine

From time to time, as a community, we tend to react when we feel There’s injustice done to certain groups of people we feel are oppressed. These may include the Rohingyans, Palestinians, Syrians etc. We do this by for E.g….
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Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Told New Zealand Backing UN Vote Would Be Declaration Of War’

Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told New Zealand’s foreign minister that support for a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement-building in the occupied territories would be viewed as a “declaration of war”. According to reports in Israeli media, the Israeli PM called Murray…
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