Muslims Must Capitalise On Economic Leverage To Condemn Israeli Oppression Against Palestine

From time to time, as a community, we tend to react when we feel There’s injustice done to certain groups of people we feel are oppressed.

These may include the Rohingyans, Palestinians, Syrians etc.

We do this by for E.g. Making Facebook postings on the issue. We share articles and memes portraying the injustices. We also start online petitions.

These help in creating awareness of the issue. And it is a positive thing that we at least show empathy for our fellow brethren in faith that’s going through severe hardship.

Beyond awareness there is little, methinks, by way of impact.

I think collectively we do have some leverage. Economic leverage. What we can do for e.g. Is to join the BDS movement worldwide. In a nutshell, the global movement encourages boycotting of Israeli goods by way of peaceful protest against the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Next time we shop, take a little time looking at the product barcode. Do not purchase items worth the barcodes beginning with 729 and 871.

No need for petitions or writing letters to embassies. These are generally ignored.

Let our wallets do the protesting. God willing it could lead to significant changes. BDS has scored some significant victories along the way.

Let’s join the movement.

At least on Yaumul Qiyamah we can stand in front of Allah azzawajal and say ‘Oh Allah. I am very weak. I’m swimming in sin. I at least try to help
My Palestinian brothers in this small way. Please forgive me.’

Remember that Allah azzawajal is al Ghafoor and ar Raheem. May He look upon us with Mercy and may He accept our deeds n forgive us our shortcomings n transgressions.



Please read previous posting. Additionally there’s some companies here you may wish to consider not purchasing from.


Source: Syed Danial

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