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Another ISA Detention: 24 Year Old AETOS Officer Planned To Undertake Armed Violence In Syria

An auxiliary police officer who was deployed to Woodlands Checkpoint has been detained for planning to travel to Syria to take part in armed violence, while his colleague has been put under a restriction order for supporting him. Muhammad Khairul…
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A Singaporean In Iran: Life In A Shi’ite Seminary

Mr Ahmad Murtadha Rosli, 26, is not your typical Singaporean university student. He attends classes from 8am to 5pm every Saturday to Thursday and shares a dormitory with nine other students. His teachers are all men who wear turbans and…
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Iraq Launches Mosul Offensive To Drive Out ISIS Terrorists

Iraqi government forces launched a U.S.-backed offensive on Monday to drive Islamic State from the northern city of Mosul, a high-stakes battle to retake the militants’ last major stronghold in the country. Two years after the jihadists seized the city…
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