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Commentary: I Am An Opposition Supporter But I Don’t Think They Are Ready, So I’m Stuck With PAP

What do you think? My dilemna and also dilemna of many including the fence sitters. I am an opposition supporter, but I don’t think they are ready to govern but also we shouldn’t give the current government monopoly in Parliament…
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Marine Sector Boss Farid Khan Throws Hat Into Ring For Presidential Election With Big Fanfare

His is a classic tale of rags-to-riches Singapore citizenry. It was more or less an open secret among those following the developments of folks in the Malay community who might stand for the presidency this year. Last month, four men…
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Awesome Movers Company Replaced A Scratched Samsung TV After They Said That They Would

#tanyakakina I must do a special mention for this amazing person. I moved house last week, msg few movers who turned me down cos its hari raya week. This one agreed to do. During the shift, he has almost 10staff…
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