Awesome Movers Company Replaced A Scratched Samsung TV After They Said That They Would


I must do a special mention for this amazing person.

I moved house last week, msg few movers who turned me down cos its hari raya week. This one agreed to do.

During the shift, he has almost 10staff and all locals who understood what to be done and carried my stuff carefully, all wrapped or dismantled n to be fixed back at the new place.

That was not the highlight. At the new place he drilled the wall to fix back my tv. Then they realised my tv had a hairline crack. It was a new 65inch samsung n upon hearing that, tears rolled down my cheeks. He admitted his mistake n promised to buy me a new tv. Waaaaat! Jangan bedek lah! So says my inner voice. 3days later he came back with a new tv, exactly the one i had. This is one hell of a businessman, who took a lot of pride in running an honest business. I was so amazed that he didnt run away with empty promises. My prev mover lost my wedding photo and didnt answer my calls or refund me. So i am really thankful this time, there is an honest mover to deal with.

For the type of work he does, n the guarantee that he gives, i paid a mere $500 for the whole shifting. He refunded me with a tv worth more than $5k.

Hope more people will support him and his men who worked so hard. I thank zul and his team from the bottom of my heart.

Think movers. Think Budget Moverz.

Muhd Ardy



Source: Ina Sultan

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