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China Lodges Official Protest Over Singapore’s Military Ties With Taiwan

China has made an official protest to Singapore over its military ties with Taiwan after nine Singaporean military vehicles were seized in Hong Kong, in a sign of escalating tensions as the city-state draws closer to Washington. The Terrex armoured…
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Goh Meng Seng: Singapore-China Relations Deteriorating Because Of Lee Hsien Loong

Apparently this is a “successful” ambush carried out by Beijing, politically speaking. An extremely tactful and carefully planned political ambush that most of us had never expected it to come from this transshipment of military equipment from Taiwan to Singapore….
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SDP: Important Questions For Government To Answer Regarding Seized Armoured Vehicles

The SDP is greatly concerned about the recent incident involving SAF armored vehicles seized in Hong Kong. The military and diplomatic implications are far reaching and may significantly impact on our country’s national security. In this regard, there are immediate…
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